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Monthly Archives: April 2017

    A Camera-Ready Home is a Marketable Home

    By Jay Robinson | April 27, 2017

    Clients often ask me this question when deciding to list their home: “What can I do immediately to help sell my home?” Beyond pricing it correctly, the best thing anyone can do to make a property salable is to declutter and stage the home before any photos are taken. A camera-ready home is a marketable home – I cannot... Read More

    Tennessee’s Tax Burden: 3rd Lowest In the USA

    By Jay Robinson | April 18, 2017

    Since it’s currently the time of year when we all have to pony up our share to Uncle Sam, I thought it would be helpful to share some relatively positive news–some “good news” about takes, if there is such a thing…  According to the consumer credit website ‘Wallet Hub‘, Tennessee currently has the third lowest tax... Read More