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5 Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

If you are getting ready to sell your house, an important thing to do is look at your house through a buyer’s eyes. These five tips will help make your house desirable to all potential buyers:

  1. Disassociate yourself with your house.

There’s no doubt that you love your house, but you want to sell it for a reason. Remind yourself of what those reasons are and remember that this house will no longer be yours. It’s hard to say goodbye, but the sooner you do that, the easier the selling process will become.

Remove personal photos and heirlooms. You don’t want to make any buyer ask, “I wonder what kind of people live in this home?” You want buyers to say, “I can see myself living here.”

  1. De-clutter!

De-cluttering should be your number one priority. Not only does unnecessary clutter make the rooms in your home look smaller than they are, but seeing lots of junk in the house will make it hard for a buyer to envision their things in the house.

Remove unnecessary/unused items from bookcases, kitchen countertops, and other common spaces. Place these items in boxes until your move.

  1. Make Minor Repairs

In some seller’s markets, you can sell a home in its present condition without much complaint. In normal markets or buyer’s markets, repairs can make or break your sale.

Easy fixes are things like patching holes in walls, replacing cracked floor tiles, replace light bulbs, and fixing a leaky faucet. You could even consider painting your walls neutral colors, especially if you have grown accustomed to your pink walls – don’t give buyers any reason to remember your home as “the house with the neon green bathroom.”

  1. Take a Hard Look at Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Presentation is key. If a buyer won’t get out of the agent’s car because they don’t like the exterior of your home, you’ll never get them inside.

Keep the sidewalks clear and the lawn well groomed. Trim the buses and clean out those flowerbeds you’ve been meaning to fix up for months. Again, consider painting the house/front door neutral colors to make it desirable to everyone.

  1. Remove/Replace Significant items.

Whether it’s a chandelier that has been passed down through generations or an armoire that belonged to your great grandmother, remove it before you begin showing your home. If a buyer never sees it, they won’t want it.

There you have it! These tips are quick and easy steps you can take as you prepare to sell your home. Selling your home doesn’t always happen overnight – it’s careful planning and knowing how to professionally spruce up your home that will send homebuyers running for their checkbooks.

And the bonus tip for moving your home quickly? Give the Robinson Team a call. We’d be honored to sell your home and assist you in finding your next one. Remember, at any price in any neighborhood, The Robinson Team sells homes!

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