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A Camera-Ready Home is a Marketable Home

Clients often ask me this question when deciding to list their home: “What can I do immediately to help sell my home?”

Beyond pricing it correctly, the best thing anyone can do to make a property salable is to declutter and stage the home before any photos are taken. A camera-ready home is a marketable home – I cannot emphasize this enough.

I see properties of all sizes, styles, and conditions, and the one thing that makes a home at any price range stand out to potential buyers are those that are clutter-free and well staged. The feature below from the New York Times address this very topic. The piece is is very thorough and has some very easy steps that sellers can use to get the process started.

Starting this process can, understandably, be overwhelming for some people. There are several highly skilled professionals (if you’d like a referral feel free to contact me) that can help you in this process. The return on this investment is well worth it and the effect on the marketability of the home is immediate. If you are considering putting you home on the market now right now is the time start the decluttering and staging process: think of it as spring cleaning that will pay you back.


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