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Looking Back To Look Ahead

From time to time I like to write about things not directly related to real estate. I have always been a amateur historian when it comes to Chattanooga–particularly as it relates to the architecture of the city as well as the ebb and flow of neighborhood development (and re-development). Both are loosely interconnected to the real estate business (and do come in handy in my work) but on a personal level they are just interesting to me.

Earlier this week highlighted a new collection of photographs entitled the Perry Mayo Collection” that are really interesting and give us an exceptional glimpse at what downtown Chattanooga looked like.

Perry Mayo Collection

One thing that is really striking are the buildings that have endured the real estate development lifecycle and are still standing. We have a lot of activity happening in downtown right now; new buildings, new businesses, and new life being injected into the heart of the community. I am a big believer that to know where you are going, you have to know where you came from–that is why stopping to take a look back is worthy of our time.

There are some stunning photos of the Walnut Street Bridge–a structure that in my lifetime has been a signature landmark of the community, has fallen into dangerous disrepair, been rehabilitated and become a landmark again. There are also a series of pictures that show just how much the North Shore has changed–and how it has stayed the same.

Whether you are a Chattanooga native or a recent XXX taking a look at this collection is a must–either way you’ll see a lot that’ll help you understand where we are going.

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