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Should You Talk to a Lender First or a Real Estate Agent?

The hardest step for most homebuyers to take is the first one. With so much to tackle on the front end, the question is commonly asked – is it better to meet with a lender first, or a real estate agent?

Without a doubt, it is better for first-time homebuyers to talk to a real estate agent before choosing a mortgage lender. Of course, figuring out your finances and determining your loan is important, but finding a real estate agent should come first.

Advantages to Choosing an Agent before a Lender

  • Your agent can help you find a mortgage lender easier and faster than a lender could help you to find a good agent.
    • Most agents will have a plethora of lenders in their referral database, and a group of lenders they have personally worked with in the past.
    • Agents will also refer a mortgage lender with a proven record whom they know can close loans.
  • Mortgage brokers might only refer agents who send them business, which means nothing, and the agents could be brand new.
  • Your agent will probably refer you to a local lender.
    • Sometimes, buyers want to work with lenders who are in another city or even in another state. Real estate is local. Don’t take the risk of losing your dream home because the listing agent has never heard of your lender.
  • And best of all, an agent can help you to figure out if the time is right for you to buy.

Before deciding on an agent, some homebuyers choose to interview agents in order to determine who will be the best fit.

Your agent is a crucial part of the home buying process, and making sure they understand your wants, needs and personality is important. We all have different personalities, and that applies to agents as well. You will either like an agent or you don’t – and if you don’t, simply move on to the next agent. You will be in a very close relationship with your agent for weeks, maybe months, and you need to like the person you choose.

Your agent will walk you through the home buying process from beginning to end, and even beyond. Your real estate agent will be the most important person in your life until the day you close. Be sure to choose wisely.

See if the Robinson Team is the right fit for you! Give us a call. We’d be honored in assisting you through the home buying process.

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